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Controversial Anti-gun Stunt Enrages Conservatives

Controversial Anti-gun Stunt Enrages Conservatives  A social experiment and publicity stunt in New York City has enraged US Conservatives. A fake gun store was set up in the city, where gun store are prevented from ever opening due to state [more]

NRA Low Blows Giffords in Rising Gun Control Debate

NRA Low Blows Giffords in Rising Gun Control Debate  On March 4, gun control advocate, Gabby Giffords joins lawmakers in pushing for expanded background checks on Capitol Hill. The push faces an uphill battle due to GOP majorities in the House and Senate, [more]

Prevent Broken Wallets, Background Check your Valentine

Prevent Broken Wallets, Background Check your Valentine  Valentine's Day is here, but it may not be all roses and chocolates. This season of love, scammers may be taking advantage of the blindness that love causes to rip you off. The Better Business [more]

Uber's Background Screening Process Under Scrutiny

Uber's Background Screening Process Under Scrutiny  Uber, a 5-year-old company that has raised about $2.7 billion in cash and is valued by investors at over $40 billion, is in the limelight these days. It is expanding at breakneck speed, hiring thousands [more]

Record Number of FBI Gun Background Checks Set on Black Friday

Record Number of FBI Gun Background Checks Set on Black Friday  Three background checks per second; Black Friday's buying frenzy resulted in the largest ever number of firearms purchased on the US retail day. More than 175,000 gun background checks in total. It has been an [more]

Firearm Background Check Win in Washington State

Firearm Background Check Win in Washington State  Voters have passed a measure to expand background checks on weapon deals and transfers in Washington state. I-594 passed with almost 60 percent voting in support, 40 percent contradicted, with a little more than 870,000 [more]

New Jersey Background Check and Gun Laws

In New Jersey, firearm owners are required to get a lifetime Firearm Purchaser card for the purchase of rifles, shotguns or handguns as well as ammunition. To purchase a handgun, a separate permit is needed from the local police department for each handgun to be purchased and expires after 90 days. These, like the initial Firearms Identification card, require in-depth application questioning, multiple references and background checks via the State Bureau of Identification and New Jersey State Police. NJ law states that Firearms Identification approval and/or handgun purchase permit(s) must be issued within 30 days. 
Capacities of semiautomatic handguns and rifles (total in magazine excluding chamber) are limited to 15 rounds or less. N.J. Rev. Stat § 2C:39-1y. New Jersey allows the purchase, possession and use of hollowpoint ammunition except in concert with any sort of criminal activity. New Jersey has its own ban on various semi-automatic firearms as well. Police are bound by the Assault Weapons Ban (AWB) in NJ and cannot own those firearms unless they are signed off by the Chief as used in an official capacity. They are exempt from the magazine limits when used in a duty/off duty firearm and approved by the department.
It is the express policy of New Jersey legislative and law enforcement authorities that the carrying of a handgun on one's person be strictly limited only to those earning a living through the carrying of a handgun. Theoretically, there exists a route for a civilian to legally carry a handgun, but in reality, is practically nonexistent.
Starting January 1, 2010, New Jersey limited handgun purchases to one per 30 day period.

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